4 Cheap Adrenaline Thrills

Nailing your adrenal gland to the ceiling doesn’t need to cost you your life savings. People often think of the classics which are always pretty expensive. Here are four ways you can get that adrenaline pumping today on a budget! Don’t wait. Get out there!


Cliff Jumping/Rope Swing

If you’ve never jumped of something high into a decent size body of water you’re missing out. Standing on a ledge just before you’re about to jump will get your heart rate racing and that adrenaline flowing. Search online for local spots near where you are. If you’re an experienced jumper take it up a notch and find the highest cliffs and narrowest ledges. Still need a level up or not near the sea, get yourself a rope swing and send yourself flying into a lake. Falling with style never felt so good.


Tricky Mountain Pass

Find a mountain and figure out what the hardest route is. Don’t get stupid always follow a route unless you’re an experienced climber but there are multiple levels on most climbs and I guarantee there is one to get you pumped. When you’re 1000ft up one step from a fatal fall your fight or flight response will be maxing out. Watch that footing up there. Make sure somebody knows where you’re going and don’t go all 127 hours on us.


Abandoned off limit Buildings

Ever seen those spooky abandoned places online. Places like these. I bet you there are places near to you just as spooky and just as abandoned. Being somewhere you’re not supposed to, somewhere old and desolate gives your body a weird rush. You end up wondering what the hell happened here and your mind races with ideas. Most of these places look like they’re ripped straight out of a SiFi movie. I mean look at that place. Get exploring and see where you end up.



This one might seem like an oddball. I hear you, you’re not a skater, never have been. Thats cool not everybody likes the little four wheels on a piece of wood. Lets just take a step back. Longboards aren’t skateboards. They’re specifically designed to be far more stable and enjoyable to ride at high speeds. If you hated skateboards give longboards a try. Now you can pay a few hundred quid but we’re after cheap – look for a 2nd hand board on ebay. Make sure everything is secure and hit some local hills. Surfing the street. Riding a longboard feels just like a rollercoaster except scarier, this thing has no mechanical brakes and you’re in complete control (hopefully).


Saving that money

Apart from the longboard these trips should only cost you the fuel to get there and perhaps some extra grub for all the energy you burned. Really need to save that moolah though? How about bike instead of driving and you’ll save on gas money too. Now next time your friend says “I haven’t got any money” there is no excuse. See you out there.


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