A Week for Sky High Adrenaline

Need a guide to hit that next adrenaline high? Got a week off and not sure what you should do? How about one of your buddies keeps saying those oh so stupid words “I’m bored”. Get yourself a free week, do something different this time and create lasting memories.

Use this plan or create your own. Get out there and give life the beans. Each day should follow the ADNA golden three, we never skip those.



Kick the week off and keep things fairly simple with a trip to your nearest mountain. Most people can get to a mountain within a few hours – did I hear road trip? Almost all mountains have the easy ‘standard’ route but most will have more difficult trails too, these will put you on a knife edge one fall away from death for a few hours. The notorious Crib Goch pass over Snowdon in the UK – ‘hours of one wrong move away’.

Not really near a mountain or don’t fancy it? Try some indoor climbing or find somewhere that does bouldering nearby.

Mountain conquered, who said a little rally wasn’t out of the question on your way home. Rest up, eat well and get pumped for tuesday.



Might be feeling a little weak in the legs today after that climb, wishing you didn’t skip legs day so often? Something a little less physically exerting today but just as trigger happy on that adrenaline – Theme Parks. A decent roller coaster can send your adrenaline through the roof. We recommend getting whatever pass you need to get on rides as quick as possible, less time queuing more time riding. Hopefully on a random Tuesday the theme park ain’t too busy.

Not enough to get you going at a theme park? Level it up with a tandem skydive (if you’ve not got your own licence that is) or try indoor skydiving (far better than it sounds). No skipping on workouts just because you’re going to a theme park, I hope you were doing interval training in the que.



Time for some trees, a high ropes course can bring out those shaky legs. Atop a sketchy platform some 60ft up wondering if this harness will really hold you if you decide to give it a test.

Ready to double down, find yourself a river and somewhere that will rent you a kayak. If there is a bunch of you give white water rafting a go. Maybe you don’t live anywhere near a river or a lake, well you must be somewhere near the sea then. Cliff Jumping, enough said.



Find some hot wheels, you’ve got some options here. Why not do it all. Go Karting, find a decent track none of this slow lap business. Quad biking – somewhere with a bit of terrain or some serious mud. Getting fancy – jump in dune buggy and hit those sand dunes, not got and sand? Maybe you have some snow and can jump onto snowmobile. How about some off road 4x4ing. You see what i’m getting at here.

The day is nearly though but there is still time to use your strength, power and athleticism for something. Sport. Not watching but playing, find a team sport that you can get involved in and go and dominate.



Friday morning sounds like a perfect time to hit a Wake Boarding park. If you’ve never been before it’s a blast. You get dragged around around by a massive cable. what could be better.

Friday afternoon or evening is a return to a mountain this time on some bikes for a bigger challenge. Take the gear to stay at the peak all night, camp out and get some bacon and eggs ready for sunrise.



Ready to put some work in on saturday how about compete in an Obstacle race? The perfect blend of athletic fitness and strength. We recommend tough mudder or a spartan race but anything that gets you out there. Still got fuel left in the tank after the obstacle race? Dont worry tomorrow will be a big day, save it.



Everybody’s favorite day. Time for the beach, get yourself into the sea, surf, body board, kayak. Yes even if its pouring with rain, it’s all the same when you’re in the water.

End with a fire on the beach, maybe land yourself some fireworks. You’ll have plenty to discuss with your mates after the week you’ve just had.

Monday morning will land and your co-workers will be just and moody as usual. Think about the adventures you’ve just been on and that grin will be plastered on your face all day.


Nailed it.


Remember once you’re dead there is no more adrenaline – make sure you know what you’re doing before attempting anything where your life is the line. Keep that adrenal gland kicking well into the future.

If this week doesn’t sound killer I think you’re in the wrong place. Those sucky TV shows will still be on. Feel free to watch them with the masses as your body wastes away.

Want to remix some of the activities, one of the suggestions not your thing? Get some inspiration from these Five Go Pro Heros or the Cheap Thrills list for those with wallets not so thick. Send in your pictures or instagram with the hashtag #ADNA and #fuelyouradrenaline for a chance to get featured.


Team ADNA – Sam

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