We started this tribe because we understand the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. Having a solid community around you is often the first step to pushing your own boundaries. The community we wanted didn’t exist so we’re creating it. We are excited you are here. If you have any questions or want to introduce yourself reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram or through our contact form.

The people of ADNA are here to show the world what’s possible. Join us and be part of a new wave of adrenaline fuelled athletes & explorers.


We belive in performance

Training is not a chore it is an opportunity. Each day brings a chance to improve on yesterday’s performance. An optimal minds needs an optimal vessel and so we train. Through learning and discipline it is possible to transform your mindset and body.


We belive in adrenaline

As humans we push to attempt the impossible. A shred of insanity separates the pioneers from the settlers. Some things in life are only available to those willing to risk. To really know yourself you have to take a step into the unknown and achieve something you didn’t know was possible.


We Believe in adventure

The wonder of the unknown captivates us. It beckons us across borders with the opportunity of learning from other ways of life. The peace of the open road gives us the opportunity to reconnect with where we came from as human beings, when freedom was one of the basic values of being alive.

Read more about how ADNA got started - Our Vision.