Introducing the Adrenaline DNA Clothing Line

A little while ago, while dreaming of growing a network of travellers, extreme sports enthusiasts and fitness addicts; we thought one of the best ways to get people to identify with a lifestyle or community is to literally wear it. Putting on a set of Adrenaline DNA clothing to go and do your favourite activity would not only be a conversation starter to spread the word on the community but an identity towards a set of values that we all hold.


As a result of this we set to work on thinking what kind of clothes would be appropriate. They needed to be comfortable for a range of activities but also compliment a physique, because we know if you look good and feel good while identifying with us; that’s just another reason to talk about us, think about us and get out and do something incredible.


We’ve started with men’s clothing just because it’s easier to stick with one gender when rummaging through clothing samples and keeping an idea of what materials feel best and look best, a surprisingly time consuming process but exciting nonetheless.


After hundreds of items of clothing that we sampled, we found a T-shirt design that we really liked and some jogging bottoms that are comfortable and also look incredible. Both of which are ideal for pretty much any active everyday activity that doesn’t require special equipment.


When it came to appearance we decided to use the awesome emblem that we had produced on 99designs, a great website that puts your requirements out there to a wide audience of designers who then effectively compete for the job by designing emblems or logos that fit your criteria. You then narrow the submissions down and refine them until you have something better than you could have ever dreamed up yourself.


For a touch of quality we decided on embroidery, it gave the clothing a great look and a promise on longevity. It won’t wash out or lose quality over many washes which will no doubt be happening after getting them sweaty on a regular basis, whether that’s from calorie burning or fear it doesn’t really matter to us, that’s up to you.


Finally we needed a T-shirt design that would stand alone from our others. Generally we wanted to keep the clothing very subtle in the name of style, there’s no need to be up in everyone’s grill and it’s you guys that speak volumes about your activities, not the clothes. But the Fuel Your Adrenaline shirt is for those of you that want to tell people that you’re an adrenaline junkie and proud, it references the hashtag that we started on instagram which in itself is a place that everyone can gather and appreciate as well as submit photos to share with the community.

ADNA Tee Product Shot

In order to get this design onto a T-shirt we had to teach ourselves to screen print, which was as interesting as it was messy…. A steep learning curve but worth it for the results that we’ve come up with. If you guys want a tutorial on how to screen print just let us know, send us a message or comment on Facebook!

ADNA Screenprint template

So there you have it, a brief introduction on what we’ve been upto. Female apparel will come later once we’ve got some decent activewear to bring to you guys. For now the flat peak caps are our only unisex item but don’t let that stop you from buying men’s clothing if you’re a woman. The clothing is that comfortable that we’re sure you’d enjoy it anyway.


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