Cycling San Francisco to San Diego


Maybe you should give cycling another thought?

For some things you’re going to need a lot of expensive equipment, perhaps some expensive training and maybe some expensive excursions! Cycling is not one of them.

I’d check some basic things before pedalling off. Brakes work, tires are pumped, frames solid, forks attached, got a helmet? Then you’re good. The bike  in the video I brought for $400 then sold it again three weeks later for $300. Bargain. You don’t even need a “good” bike, I just thought that one looked cool you could spend a lot less.

You can go on a cycling adventure from anywhere. Okay I hear you, it might not look like the coast of California. All you need is one decent hill. Up or down hill it doesn’t matter both will start that adrenaline flowing then you’ll believe me.

For awhile there I thought bikes were dumb. Maybe you’re still in that boat? Sure there is a lot of metal but a bike can be controlled at high speeds, take you up and down hills all the while carrying your whole life with minimal burden.

I can’t believe it took me so long to realise the strength of the bicycle. If you’ve always passed on the bike perhaps it’s time for a rethink. If this video has not sold you on the idea of have another twenty that might (not a joke).

What do you say, time to dig out that chuck of metal from the garage and bomb some hills …

Check out this post on how I cycled from San Francisco to San Diego if you’re intrigued about this trip, watch more video motivation or find me on twitter @sam_billingham.



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