Most Epic Places: Dean’s Blue Hole – Bahamas

Imagine standing on the edge of infinite darkness, the weight of the ocean pressing into your eardrums and your lungs as if to say “you’re not built for this”. Then leaving the relative safety of solid ground to hurl yourself into the abyss equipped with nothing but some goggles and a weight belt. Well that’s exactly what Guillaume Nery and his cameraman did in one of the most insane free dives we’ve ever seen.

Freediving is kind of like SCUBA diving except you don’t have a tank so clearly your time is pretty limited. The main aim is to push the boundaries of the human body, both in terms of depth and time, with records going into hundreds of metres deep and up to 11 minutes without taking a breath. These people aren’t sight seeing down there, its straight down and straight back up again as far as they can go, with the freedom and thrill of having no oxygen with them if anything goes wrong. The extreme risk makes this sport extremely addictive, as with all Adrenaline based activities. There are on average around 50 deaths per year from freediving, considerably more than other extreme sports such as skydiving or bungee jumping which have statistics like 1 death in 100,000 jumps and 1 death in 2,000,000 jumps respectively.

As seen from above, a Blue Hole looks like a meteor has taken its best shot at the earth and formed a huge crater, only to fill with water from the sea. The truth is even more terrifying, they’re sinkholes. Sinkholes can be formed in a few different circumstances, the important thing to note is that the ground instantly disappears leaving nothing but a gaping chasm. If that’s not enough to make you question your next step, Dean’s Blue Hole is a mind blowing 202 metres to the bottom…

You’ve probably come to the conclusion on your own that Guillaume didn’t actually hit the bottom of this hole, as he wouldn’t be in a condition to make a video if he had. It appears that what actually happened is that he reached a ledge part way down and returned from there. When you think about the fact that the hole continues down much deeper than you see in the video, you start to appreciate how uniquely terrifying this place is.

Here’s the video for your enjoyment.


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