Five Go Pro Heros To Follow

If you’re like me you love a good Go Pro video. It is incredible how a couple minutes of somebody else’s adrenaline rush can get you pumped. Who’s killin it out there that you don’t know about yet? Maybe your supply of insane videos is starting to dry up. From the slopes to the streets here are a few next level Go Pro heros you should be following.


Abe Kislevitz – [youtube]

Abe is an all round hero, videography, photography and some epic production skills these videos are sure to get you out of your seat. Surfing, Skiing,  Mountain Biking along with some next next editing. Watch Abe’s videos and go get out there.


James Kingston – [youtube]

James is an urban free climber, climbing cranes, towers, bridges without any safety equipment. His videos will have you sweating in your seat. Channel 4 created a documentary about James and his urban free climbing called Don’t Look Down. James now regularly releases incredible youtube videos.  Side note – do not climb any of the things you see in the videos unless you are James.


MicBergsma – [youtube]

Mitch has gained international recognition for his youtube channel that combines, wakeboarding, Stand-up paddle boarding, scuba diving and scooters with well produced go pro tutorials. There is a gold mine of content waiting for you.


Alex Chacon – [youtube]

Alex is one of the most recognised Motorcycle Adventure Rider in the world, Selfie Expert and international travel blogger. Exploring the world on a motorbike is a win in our books.


Go Pro channel [youtube]

Kind of cheating but seriously you cant miss these. If you are not already following GoPro… what are you doing?

Think you have what it takes to be like these Go Pro Heros? If you want to be featured on Adrenaline DNA you can get in touch via email or Instagram, we would love to hear from you. Enjoy the videos.

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