What adventure are you currently on?

For those of us that are not quite living an adventure out of a backpack or doing our dream job of photographing exotic places or taking people skydiving and making a living from it, life makes it as hard as possible to fit these things into our schedules. For us though, we have made an agreement that at the bare minimum we will do at least one major feat per month, whether this be climbing a mountain, an extreme sport or doing something completely new.

Up until now we have occasionally been bouldering, out longboarding and generally doing as much as we can to get out there. The whole point of this one per month goal was to do something big! Something we can show to others and hopefully inspire them to go and do the same as this is a massive principle of ours, go and do it yourself but also help encourage others to do the same.


In April we decided to start with a climb up Snowdon, though we had all been before at some point in our lives we thought this would be a great start. Typically being terrible British weather, we got there to start our journey in a massive downpour of rain, followed by major fog and what felt like gale force winds, but did this stop us? Not a chance! Giving our main aim was to get a load of pictures and film a video, we didn’t do great however it was an adventure nonetheless and what a great time we had.

Snowdon Fog

Last month in May we went down to Cornwall. It tied in with our friends birthday so all decided to have a go paddle boarding which was amazing. Admittedly the first 20 minutes was really hard and as we figured out, balance is key! After a bit of practise though we soon had the technique and all of us were standing reasonably well. We spent a good few hours on the boards in the sea and even came across a small private beach which looked great for some bouldering, too bad we didn’t have any shoes with us. After a while confidence got the better of us and I tried to do some yoga on the board, a headstand to be precise which worked for about 3 seconds before I fell in, points for trying though!

Paddleboarding Yoga

Next on the cards for this month is a climb up scafell pike, which none of us have done, making this adventure an exciting one. Hopefully everything goes well. Keep an eye out for a blog post on it and weather permitting, we may actually get some decent photos!



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