So What Is Our Vision?

Allow me to explain myself.

Cool pictures can only go so far, I feel now is a good time to explain our vision. It wasn’t too long ago that a small group of us realised the everyday 9-5 isn’t for us. Travelling and getting outside of our comfort zone is something that we’ve all done to an extent before, turning it into a lifestyle though, that’s the jackpot.

We can’t be the only people feeling like this. We needed a way to connect with like minded people. Individuals that live for adventure and extreme sports, the further away the better, to build a network of people all around the world. We want a community of adventurers, explorers and extreme enthusiasts but more importantly a group of interesting friends. We’d love to visit people we meet, share stories and use insider knowledge to get the most out of travel.

A community should help each other, we are creating a place where you can gain exposure for you passion or skill. In exchange for sharing your knowledge we get to introduce a wider audience to the dreams and ambitions of our peers.

It’s all about ideas and perspective. In a world of consumerism and designer labels we want to represent the ideas of freedom, exploration, achievement through a brand that truly matters to you. If someone can see someone wearing an Adrenaline T-shirt and immediately identify with that person for having a thirst for life, as well as an appreciation for how beautiful our world and how important it is to look after our bodies both mentally and physically – we will have truly succeeded.

We are lucky enough to be part of a generation that has instant access to vast amounts of information, some of it is reliable, some of it isn’t. Knowledge to ensure that we live long and happy lives is out there and we want to condense it to help everyone be the best that they can be. Not only this but we want to teach people how to live their dreams, we want a dive school in Thailand, a surf school in California, a ski/snowboard school in the Alps, a skydiving school in Nevada and the list goes on. We want you to be there with us!

So if you stumble across us and feel like being part of the community, don’t hesitate to get involved. Keep up to date with the blog, YouTube channel and Instagram. We would love to meet you on our travels, send us a message and we’d love live your lifestyle for a couple of weeks. Warning: being camera shy may cause awkwardness.

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