The Adrenaline Lifestyle

Everybody needs a code.

A set or rules to uphold or an idea to live by. It has become so easy, so normal to ‘go with the flow’ that everybody seems lost with no sense of purpose. We have discovered a simple three step code to live life by.

What are you doing with your life?

The team here at ADNA like to ask the tough questions.

We believe that lifestyle is a choice and not a byproduct.
We believe there is more to life than what the media sells you.
We believe you are powerful, that you alone control how your life will play out.

Choosing your lifestyle is not meant to be like planning a holiday. It’s not a far off idea that you plan and then arrives. Lifestyle is about making daily habits. Habits are what your life is, it is just about perspective. When you look back on your life, you begin to realise the choices you made on a daily basis are what mattered.

Here are three golden rules that you use to create lifestyle to be proud of.

Rule 1 – Optimal Nutrition


What is your plan for optimum nutrition in your life? Your body needs fuel. Like any powerful machine, your body can run on crappy fuel, but it won’t be reaching it’s potential. The body is capable of getting by on almost anything. The problem comes when you ask a lot of your body (mental or physical). Not using correct fuel? Good luck trying to perform in any high-level capacity. There are multiple options that are great for a healthy nutritional diet. It could be Paleo, Keto, Raw or just carb backloading these things depend on your goals. You should be playing an active part in deciding what fuel you use for your body. It makes a difference.

Rule 2 – Precision Training


Just like with your fuel your body is adaptable to its surroundings. Your body will learn to suit its environment. If that environment is 9-5 at a desk, you’re going to have to fight against that with hard training. What you do on a daily basis is your training. If your daily activity involves sitting at a desk, sitting in a car and sitting watching TV. Guess what. You are training yourself to sit. Think about that for a moment and ask yourself what am I training my body to do.

Just like with nutrition training fitness can come in many forms. You might be training for endurance or weight training for muscle size. Even Interval Training/HIT or training for competitive sports. Whatever your training plan is, that fact you have a plan is what is important. Your are training you body for something, it is your choice what that something is.

Rule 3 – Everyday Adventure


The final piece of the puzzle is about purpose. Many people go through life never realising their purpose. The funny thing is you shouldn’t sit around and wait for a purpose to show up (it never will). You have to create your purpose. Perfect nutrition and killer fitness are useless without some overarching sense of purpose. Purpose without the ability to take action is also just as useless. Without proper nutrition and a training plan, you’ll never be able to fulfill your purpose. Why? Because, you won’t have the mental and physical toughness to do it.

At ADNA, we believe that purpose comes from adventure. Getting out into the world and taking all the opportunities you can. Make the most of the world, fill your time with thrills that make your mind and body know you are alive. There is nothing more real than jumping out of a plane at 14000ft or surfing a killer wave. If you know, we don’t need to tell you this.

Join us at ADNA and take up the golden three daily challenge.

See you out there.

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